Chris Paul Literally Turns Rudy Gobert into a Young Anthony Davis with Pass Fake During Game.

The title of this article seems odd I know, but if you stick with me you’ll soon realize how Chris Paul really made Rudy Gobert become a younger Anthony Davis. During Jazz vs Thunder, CP3 gave Gobert a nasty pass fake that made him turn completely around, then he easily swished in a jumper.

Now after seeing the video from today’s game, take a look back at this clip from about 4 years ago. Chris Paul did the same move on AD, and made him do the same movements as Rudy Gobert. It almost seems like a deja vu, or maybe a parallel universe.

Chris Paul is like the basketball version of Dr. Strange from the Avengers. Thunder have won 3 straight games now, and are closing in on a .500 record. They could be making a playoff push to shock the entire league.

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