Video Footage of Ahmaud Arbery’s shooting in Brunswick, Georgia has leaked. The shooter claims he looked like a suspect wanted to burglary in their neighborhood, but the leaked video of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder seems to show differently.

The viral video shows Ahmaud Arbery being chased by one truck, with another truck waiting with two armed men at the end of a road. One of the men Gregory McMichael shoots Ahmaud Arbery twice in the midsection during a struggle for the shotgun.

The video is hard to watch because it definitely looks like Ahmaud Arbery was murdered. This becomes evident when you notice that the person recording Ahmaud Arbery being shot and killed, doesn’t react at all to the shooting in the video. It’s like the person recording knew it was going to happen, before it happened.

The leaked video makes a tough situation, even tougher. RIP Ahmaud Arbery and pray for his family.

Author: JordanThrilla