Hikers Video Footage of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crashing Down after Spinning and Exploding Recorded on Camera by Hikers.

Hikers allegedly recorded a video of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter spinning towards the ground and crashing. The Hikers caught on camera Kobe’s Sikorsky helicopter stalling before falling towards the ground and exploding in a ball of fire.

There was belief that the helicopter went down very quickly, and those reports are confirmed with this new video from hikers who were in the hills at the time it went down, if it is indeed real.

The engine of the Helicopter can be heard chugging slowly, indicating there was a mechanical failure.

One can only imagine what was going through the victims minds as the helicopter spun to the ground in their last moments.

RIP to Kobe Bryant, Gianna, and the 7 other who passed away today on that helicopter.

Author: JordanThrilla