Random Guy Dresses Up as Tekashi 6IX9INE and walks around NYC, New York City after he snitched in Court? That what it looks like in a newly released YouTube video. The man apparently named Gary, gets tattoos, dies his hair, and perfects Tekashi69 mannerisms, recreating an almost identical appearance. The people around the city believe it was him too, as they all ran up asking for autographs.

If this video is real, I wonder about how safe this was to attempt. Tekashi69 has a lot of enemies now. What happens if they went NYC, looking for this person thinking it was really Tekashi? He could of became a victim of mistaken identity. Likely the video is probably recorded before Tekashi69 started to snitch in court, and then was released after the fact. On the other hand it could be real, and Gary apparently has no fear????.

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