Kanye West Disses and Takes Shots at Meek Mill for Faking being about Prison Reform for Clout. Kanye West said:

“the culture has you focused so much on f****** somebody b****, and pulling up in a foreign, and rapping about things that could get you locked up, and then saying you about prison reform? Like bro…”

He didn’t say Meek Mill’s name, but you could tell the comments were aimed directly at him. Meek Mill has been championing prison reform since his release from prison more than any other rapper. It’s clear Kanye West was sending him a direct message, one that could change Meek Mill for the better if he actually listens to it, without getting mad. It’s clear the new “Jesus Is King” version of Yeezy, is not afraid to call out rappers, who are not being righteous about righteous causes.

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