Man Collapses From Coronavirus in NYC Chinatown in Flushing Queens.

A man collapsed in Flushing Queens NYC Chinatown after contracting coronavirus allegedly. In the video, someone wearing a face mask and hoodie is lying in the middle of street as paramedics arrive. People say he collapsed after becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Up until now, the only other time we saw video footage of someone collapsing due to the coronavirus was in Wuhan, China. To see a man possibly collapsing in Flushing Queens, NYC is very alarming.

The mechanism behind people collapsing after becoming infected with the virus has still been explained, but it could be attributed to a fatigue factor of some kind. You can tell from the reaction of the people it was the first time they had seen someone collapse in Chinatown NYC due to coronavirus.

Lets hope their aren’t anymore videos of people collapsing like this in NYC Flushing Queens, Chinatown. Hopefully the medical services can get the coronavirus under control, especially in densely populated areas like NYC.

Author: JordanThrilla

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