Video of Kenny Rogers Dominating Michael Jordan in Basketball Scrimmage Game Leaks.

Did you know Kenny Rogers was a basketball player, before a country singer? Video footage of Kenny Rodgers schooling Michael Jordan in a pickup basketball game has surface. In the video we see Kenny Rogers pulling up for a jumper in Michael Jordan face, after shaking him with a nice pump fake move. We also see Kenny Rogers playing great defense on Jordan, and throwing passes just like an NBA player.

It’s hard to tell what was fancier, Kenny Rogers’ hairdo or his basketball moves. It almost reminded you a bit of Jason Kidd when you watched him play.

Jordan took note of Kenny Rogers skills, and went full force in the video. Michael Jordan swatted one of Kenny Rodgers layup attempts with so much force, the ball flew off the screen.

Only the basketball skills of Kenny Rodgers could make Jordan not hold back during a regular scrimmage game.

Kenny Rogers dominating Michael Jordan in basketball will never be forgotten.

Author: JordanThrilla

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