VIDEO USC Compliance disses Reggie Bush and pushes players away from him & gave them 15 yard penalty

USC Compliance disses and disrespects Reggie Bush. USC players were pushed away from Reggie Bush by NCAA USC compliance, and given a 15 yard penalty, when trying to celebrate after a touchdown making #Freereggie go viral on social media. The group of 8 players included Markese Stepp and Vavae Malepeai, who see Reggie Bush as their hero.

This situation brings light to the interesting trend of USC refusing to recognize and acknowledge, the college career of Reggie Bush, in good faith. As the tweet says, even FS1 honored Reggie Bush before USC. Reggie Bush made history at USC, not only on the field, but he changed the sports culture there forever. For USC to be doing Reggie Bush like this is classless and completely wrong. Is he being punished for being a former member of the Kim Kardashian clan?

#freeReggieBush #freereggie



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