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Wack 100 Leaves Instagram after Going Viral for Getting Knocked Out by Nipsey Hussle Bodyguard Jroc

Wack 100 Leaves Instagram after Video of him Getting Knocked Out by Nipsey Hussle's Bodyguard goes Viral.

Wack100 has officially left IG. After a video went viral of Nipsey Hussle Bodyguard J Roc allegedly knocking him out, Wack 100 just couldn't take the clowning anymore.

Even though he has left Instagram, he is still standing by his offer over $100K to anyone who can show a video of him being knocked. To his defense right now, no such video really exists.

In the video that is viral Wack100 is waking up after being knocked. However, he does clearly say something to the effect of "Show me who knocked me out" while rampaging around trying to fight anyone in sight. The actions seem to be of someone who was knocked out.

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