Was Ro Murda stabbed 9 times in Jail because he went against 9 Trey Bloods? Social media is asking this question after Ro Murda suffered a lacerated liver and collapsed lungs in a prison stabbing attack almost died allegedly. It is alleged Ro Murda was working as undercover agent, as government snitch against Nine Trey.

On a lot of his Instagram Posts dating back to 2018, you can see people hinting there was buzz about him being an undercover agent and snitch. Could this have anything to do with him being stabbed 9 times in jail? As of now, no one knows the real answers, and it’s all just conspiracy theories. However as we have all seen, during this Tekashi 6IX9INE case, with all the snitching going on, it seems a lot of conspiracies end up being true.

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