Lavar Ball, a name that now rings bell everywhere. He went from being the Sports Dad on the sideline of all his sons game, to being as popular as the President in only a few months. He raised three sons, who all became professional basketball players. Lonzo Ball has emerged as one of the best all around Point Guards in the NBA. He, his son Lonzo Ball, and former Business partner Alan Foster put their heads together and created their own brand BBB, to take on corrupt corporations like Nike.

Fast forward some years later and BBB has grown into an Empire, as Lavar Ball continued to make history. BBB empire expanded from just a sneaker and clothing brand, to a company that has a media division, water division, and its own basketball league JBA. Lavar Ball became the first African american black man to own an Independent Professional Basketball league in the history of the USA.

Despite all these things, when you look around the internent, all you will see his articles of pure hate, that would lead you to believe that Lavar Ball has failed at everything he tried to accomplish. The people who write these articles are the same people who said Big Baller Brand would never release even one shoe. Their articles seem to only focus on small aspect of the Empire Lonzo and Lavar Built, so I will focus on the two most successful BBB projects, the Ball in the Family reality show, and the JBA League.

Ball in the Family

On August 29, 2017 the first episode of Ball in the Family aired on Facebook watch. No one was sure how well the show would do, besides Lavar Ball and his family. The show was an instant hit, with millions of streams per episode, becoming one of the most watched reality shows ever on Facebook Watch. The show did so well, that 2 years later, we are already on Season 3, and Facebook has inked another new deal worth millions with Lavar Ball for more seasons. Lavar Ball uses what haters want to see, such as turmoil between him and his sons, and creates story lines for that show that make people who dislike him tune in, even more so than his fans.

JBA League

Some people say Lavar Ball only created the JBA league to showcase his son Lamelo Ball. Lavar Ball famously responded by saying “If you had the ability to start a league for your son, who wouldn’t?”. No matter what the real reason was behind the JBA being created, the fact remains it is a massive success. JBA league was also signed to a Facebook streaming deal similar to their reality show. The JBA averaged around 100,000 to 200,000 per contest according to various reports from well known sports outlets. In the games where Lamelo Ball was playing those contests averaged around 800,000 streams per contest. These streaming numbers were, and still are historically great for an Independent Basketball league. So much so, that Facebook also offered Lavar Ball a new contract worth millions for another JBA season. As I mentioned before Lavar Ball is also the first African-American Black man to own his own Independent professional basketball league in US history.

So while Haters will continue to try and say Big Baller Brand is a failure, the Brand is still going strong because it actually is an empire. While the world laughs at Lavar Ball, he is doing the Big Baller Brand Dance all the way to the bank ????

Author: JordanThrilla

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