WNBA Reaches Groundbreaking New Collective Bargaining Agreement that Raised Average Salaries to 6 Figures and Improves Marketing.

WNBA has signed in a new collective bargaining agreement that not only raised average pay, but also will gave the players improved travel, fully paid maternal leave, and marketing opportunities. The WNBA community has been preaching more pay for the hard working players, and they finally got their wish.

Now Players will make a minimum of $130,000 and a maximum of $500,000 for marquee players. With the new marketing opportunities, the ladies of the WNBA will now have a fair chance to become superstars.

In the USA, women’s basketball strangely doesn’t have as large a following as other women’s sports. There are female golf and tennis players whom are way more popular than even the most popular WNBA player. The catch is, basketball is the most popular sport in America besides football. This leads to the idea that WNBA players aren’t popular because they aren’t being marketed properly.

This new collective bargaining agreement, should fix or at least quell many of the issues that have plagued the league over the past few years.