Woman Buys a Baby Bouncer Gift from Goodwill, but found a Loaded Semi Automatic Rifle Inside the Box, and Police allowed her to keep it.

A Florida Woman bought a brand new Baby Einsten Bouncer from Goodwill as a gift for her friends baby shower. At the baby shower as they opened presents, to everyone surprise a loaded semi automatic rifle was inside the box, according to reports.

The woman immediately called the police, who came an Identified it as a real weapon. The police then checked their ID’s for any criminal records and allegedly told them they could keep the gun, according to reports.

Reports say a few days later the Police came to their senses, and confiscated the gun in order to further investigate its origins.

It’s a story that seems like something out of a movie. One that most people won’t even believe happened, even if you showed them a picture. The type of story that will be told for generations.