Woman Donates Her Kidney to Her Boss Then Gets Fired For Taking Time Off to Recover.

In one of the craziest stories of 2019, a woman donated her kidney to her dying boss, then got fired because she needed more time off to recover after surgery. The Kidney transplant was successful saving her bosses life, but that wasn’t enough to save her job.

The story shows how cutthroat the business world can be. A woman risked her life probably shortening it, only to have her world crumble as she was fired while recovering. Now her boss will be able to get back to work happily, while she will have to find a way to secure a new job, while recovering from having a whole kidney removed. This doesn’t even account for the medical costs she will incur from the procedure.

Sadly the moral of the story here is never help your boss who needs a kidney transplant, unless your job promises you the time off for recovery. On the bright side, she could say saving a human life, was worth losing her job.

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