A woman named Yelitsa Jean-Charles has gone viral on Twitter after turning a man down saying she doesn’t do coffee dates because only broke people do that. She claims the man was low balling her, because he then texted her again asking her out for “dinner”. Of course her sentiment hit people the wrong way, so they had reply trying to talk some sense into her.

The replies had a lot of truth in them. One man said she was perpetuating the stereotype that women are mainly interested in the financial status of man, and not a “meaningful connection”. Her response was that “Low Budget Dates, are simply low effort, and low investment, because they are likely trying to see as many women as frequently as cheaply as they can. So there you have it, taking a woman out for coffee or ice cream apparently isn’t enough.

Women like this are way dating is becoming so expensive. A lot of people ask why don’t people date anymore? To put things in perspective, I implore to check out this article on the average cost of a date in the USA in 2019: The Average Cost and Price of a date is in the United States

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