A woman tried to sneak punch hit Da Baby, then got knocked by his security guards. The Angry female fan got in the face of DaBaby, then out of nowhere her fist comes flying towards his face. After it slightly connects, his giant security comes and deliver two powerful blows right to the woman face, leaving her knocked out motionless on the ground. DaBaby Security guards and crew walk away calmly. The onlookers gather around the woman in disbelief, but don’t seem to offer and aid to her.

This is another case of keeping it real going wrong. Testing a superstars expensive hired security never ends well. For the woman, her next move will probably be to spend money to hire lawyer, and paint herself as the victim in the incident. For Da Baby, he’ll probably have to spend money on lawyers to defend himself in the case. Hopefully the female fan wasn’t seriously injured, hopefully more fans will have common sense after seeing this happen.