A woman who claims to have “WiFi Allergy” sleeps in a $500 copper sleeping bag every night, and on 30 hr ferry trips, according to reports from Unilad. Her name is Rosi Gladwell, she’s a young 70 years old, and self diagnosed herself with the “WiFi Allergies”. She truly believes that the electromagnetic radiation from WiFi radio waves, makes her feel sick with short breath. Sleeping in the copper sleeping bag, is meant to block the radiation, the sunglasses block the radiation from her closed eyes. She’s allegedly spent thousands of dollars on different interventions to help her “Wifi Allergy” issues.

As crazy as it sounds, there is some logic to her reasoning. WiFi does slightly radiated us on a daily basis, but not to a degree that can scientifically affect us. The fact that she also gets shortness breath, could make this likely just mental in her case. A mind of matter type of issue, where WiFi, has somehow got associated with feeling of being sick, but she isn’t actually sick. One thing is for sure, if you ever think of starting a business around “Wifi Allergies” products, you got one loyal customer in Rosi Gladwell.

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