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People are Worried Kyrie Irving Might Get Drug Tested After Alley Oop Dunk that Left Luka Doncic Shocked

Basketball is a sport where players are often distinguished by their special talents and physical traits. Some are famous for their shooting skills, others for their defensive intensity, and a few for their amazing jumping ability. Among the latter, names like Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, and more recently, Ja Morant, stand out. These players have amazed audiences with their dunks that defy gravity and have carved their names in the history of the NBA.

Kyrie Irving, a point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, has never been part of this elite group. He is known for his incredible ball handling, clutch shooting, and ability to score at the rim, but he has always been seen as a “below the rim” player. His game is based on finesse and creativity rather than sheer athleticism.

He has never been the one to catch alley-oops or slam over opponents with powerful dunks. In fact, his jumping ability has often been rated as average, especially when compared to the likes of Ja Morant.

Luka Doncic’s Reaction to Kyrie Irving Alley Oop Dunk Went Viral

However, during a recent game against the Dallas Mavericks, Irving did something that stunned spectators and fans alike. In a play that seemed to contradict his known physical limits, Irving caught an alley-oop pass from teammate Josh Green and finished a dunk with such force that it immediately became a highlight-reel favorite.

The slow-motion replay of the dunk showed something even more surprising: Irving’s head was at the same height as the rim when he reached the top of his jump. This single play challenged the long-held story of Irving’s average jumping ability and ignited a new discussion: Kyrie Irving officially has hops.

Luka Doncic reacted to Kyrie’s alley-oop dunk by putting his hands over his head in disbelief.

Luka Doncic reacting to Kyrie Irving's Alley Oop dunk

The Last Time Kyrie Irving Dunked Was Also in Brooklyn

What’s even more incredible about this dunk is that the last time Kyrie Irving dunked in an NBA game was when he was playing for the Nets a year ago. This means that Kyrie Irving dunked on Brooklyn, for the first time since dunking with Brooklyn.

Will the NBA Drug Test Kyrie Irving After His Alley-Oop Dunk?

In the past, the NBA has been known to conduct drug tests on players after unusually great performances. This is part of the league’s anti-doping policy, aimed at ensuring fair competition and preserving the integrity of the sport.

Given the unexpected nature of Irving’s dunk, some have wondered if the NBA might consider this performance unusual and subject Irving to a drug test to ensure he wasn’t using any performance-enhancing substances before the game.

What might be the most interesting aspect of this incredible dunk is knowing that it’s possible Kyrie Irving has been using a fraction of his athleticism his entire career, yet still is one of the best offense players of all time. It legitimately looked like he Ja Morant level hops on that play. Perhaps Kyrie knows that style of play leads to more wear and tear on the lower body.

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