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Gilbert Arenas Disrespects Marcus Jordan’s Ex-Fiancé Larsa Pippen with Shocking Clippers Story Involving PJ Tucker

Sports is a domain where controversy is common. It’s a field where emotions are intense, and views can vary widely among the players. A recent example of this involves ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas, who has caused a stir with his remarks on his podcast, ‘Gil’s Arena’. The target of his words? Larsa Pippen, the ex-fiancé of Marcus Jordan, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the legendary PJ Tucker.

Why Did Gilbert Arena’s Diss Larsa Pippen?

The incident happened during a segment talking about the Clippers’ choice to send PJ Tucker away. Tucker, unhappy with his playing time and the team’s denial to trade him, clashed with the franchise. Arenas was invited to share his opinion on the issue, and his answer was very explosive.

Arenas implied that Tucker was making a blunder that could damage his reputation. He claimed that Tucker needed a wake-up call about his career phase and should be grateful for his role in the NBA, instead of becoming a dissatisfied veteran who risks being kicked out of the league. He implored him to play the Thanasis Antetokounmpo, and just be happy he gets to experience the NBA lifestyle.

To emphasize his point, Arenas mentioned Larsa Pippen. He said that one can tell they’re harming an NBA team when even the Clippers – a franchise infamous for its constant drama and often ranked as one of the worst-run in NBA history – are tired of their conduct.

Arenas then likened the Clippers to Larsa Pippen, using a series of rude words to refer to her. He said, “If we have to assign a woman to the Clippers, Larsa Pippen. That’s who you are. You are used up, you bottom of the barrel, h**. That’s who you are. It’s just the facts.” His words made the ‘Gil’s Arena’ team quietly laugh uncontrollably as they hid their faces in disbelief.

This episode is especially remarkable because it’s rare that someone insults the ex-fiancé of a celebrity so openly. Larsa Pippen is almost engaged to Marcus Jordan, son of basketball icon Michael Jordan. One can only wonder what Marcus was feeling while listening to the podcast. Imagine someone calling the woman you just broke up with “ran through” on Live TV. Remember they were planning to get married, so they were really in love.

Is Marcus Jordan Going to Let Gilbert Arenas Disrespect Larsa Pippen's Legacy?
Is Marcus Jordan Going to Let Gilbert Arenas Disrespect Larsa Pippen’s Legacy? Image Credit: Twitter/X

This episode highlights why Gilbert Arenas has the nickname “No Chill Gil”. His boldness and readiness to say what he thinks, regardless of the possible consequences, have made him a controversial figure in the sports world. He’s almost like the next Charles Barkley at this point, because his podcast is the best sports show out right now besides Inside the NBA.

Larsa Pippen has to respond to Gilbert Arenas, she just has to. His words were too disrespectful for her to remain silent.

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