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Grandmother with 9 Lives Narrowly Survives Getting Crushed by a Tree While Cutting it Down in Viral Video

A grandmother who narrowly escaped being crushed by a falling tree has become an internet sensation after a video of her close call went viral. Social media users have dubbed her the “grandmother with 9 lives” for her remarkable luck and calm demeanor.

The video, which was allegedly recorded by her grandson, shows the elderly woman casually cutting down a large tree with a chainsaw in her backyard. She seems unaware of the danger as the tree topples over, and barely misses her head by inches. She then looks at the camera as if nothing happened, not realizing how close to death she was. In fact she appears to joke about how the tree miraculously fell around her head, rather than on it.

The clip has received thousands of comments from amazed and amused viewers. Some praised her bravery and skill, while others joked that she must have used up one of her nine lives to avoid getting crushed by the tree. Many also compared her to a cat, which is said to have nine lives in folklore. The grandmother was allegedly trying to clear some trees that were damaged by a recent storm.

1 of Granny's nine lives

Not only did this lucky grandma narrowly miss getting crushed by the tree, she also narrowly missed getting cut by the large piece of wood protruding from it.

Grandmother with 9 live narrowly avoids getting crushed by a tree while cutting it down.

The most impressive thing about this video besides the grandma seemingly having 9 lives, is the fact that she’s cutting down a tree at her old age, and have no issues with the physical strength it takes even when using a chainsaw. That should be a inspiration for all the old people out there who might think those days are past them.

There aren’t many people in the world who have come that close to getting crushed by a tree, and lived to see another day. That is truly one lucky lady.

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