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Why People Think a New 2023 Alcohol Attractiveness Study Exposes Chubby Chasers Around the World

A new study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has revealed some surprising insights about how alcohol affects our social interactions. The study found that alcohol does not make other people look more attractive than they really are, but it does make us more willing to talk to them if we already find them appealing.

The study was conducted with a small sample of 36 male friends in their 20s, who were divided into pairs. During the experiment, they were given alcoholic drinks until their blood alcohol level reached the legal limit of 0.08%, and on another day they were given non-alcoholic drinks. They were then shown photos and videos of people and asked to rate their attractiveness. They were also told that they might have a chance to interact with one of them later.

The results showed that the participants were more likely to choose to interact with people they rated as attractive after drinking alcohol than when they were sober. The odds of choosing an attractive person increased by 1.7 times after drinking. The participants’ ratings of attractiveness did not change after drinking alcohol. They did not perceive the people in the photos and videos as more or less attractive than they did when they were sober.

Do the Findings of the 2023 Alcohol Attractiveness Study Expose Chubby Chasers?

The lead author of the study, Bowdring, said that the most interesting finding was that drinking alcohol can help men overcome their shyness or hesitation in approaching someone they find attractive. She believes that this could be perceived as evidence that the term “liquid courage”, might be a real phenomenon and a encouraging factor of drinking behavior around the world.

The study has also sparked some reactions on social media, where some people have joked that it has exposed the “chubby chasers” who claimed that they were only attracted to overweight women when they were drunk. They feel that the study shows that these men actually liked these women all along, but needed alcohol to boost their confidence.

In this situation the boost of confidence they need might not be related to actually talking to the person they find attractive, but rather to not care about what other people might think, which in theory makes them more open to showing they like heavier women in a public setting.

Naturally this also means the study proves that more men truly find chubby women attractive than many would think. Thanks to the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, chubby chasers around the world can no longer hide behind the “beer goggles” excuse. It’s time to for them to come clean, and admit that heavy women are beautiful too, and it has nothing to do with alcohol.

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