Often times kids can be oblivious to the major changes happening within their family. However, there are instances where a kid is much smarter than they look, and can rationalize a situation in a way their parents wouldn’t understand. A recent video posted by TikTok user ‘dereklipp_involving a kid’s reaction to his dad and mom having a baby is going viral for that reason.

Ring Camera Video Showing Disappointed Kid Finding Out He’s Having a Sister Goes Viral

In the TikTok user dereklipp_’s Ring Camera footage two parents were going to tell someone named Tommy they were expecting another child. The father’s young son raced to the door first, and went on an epic rant saying, “Hey Tommy, now my dad made Hailey pregnant, and now she’s having a baby, and it’s a girl. I never even wanted a sister, that was my nightmare. Girls suck”.

While their son was ranting about not wanting a sister to the Ring Camera he didn’t know his parents could hear every word. That’s when he used quick thinking, and did a complete 180 degree change of character.

When his dad got upset at the things he said about not wanting a sister, his son lied explaining he said, “I was saying I always wanted a sister, and if any boys try to mess with her I’ll kick their a**”. The funniest part about it all was the dad saying “I wanted to tell Tommy myself” while also scolding his son for cursing during his lie. All in all it seemed the dad was a bit proud to hear his young son already talking about protecting his sister, even if he knew wasn’t telling the truth.

The reactions to this Ring video of the kid finding he’s having a sister were super hilarious. One twitter user wrote, “Tommy better hold him down that switch up was epic and deserves a cover up”.

As one Twitter user mentioned it was a bit strange how the kid referred to his mom by her government name ‘Hailey’. She didn’t seem to care, which could mean that the woman was actually his stepmom. In many households a kid calling their mom by her first name is seen as disrespect, but it’s never really an issue if it’s a step parent. Nevertheless that kid definitely has a future in Hollywood if he has dreams of becoming an actor.

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