We live in a time period where active shooters have seemingly become a regular part of our everyday lives. It seems like everyday you turn on the news there is always a story about a active shooter wreaking havoc. The latest incident involved legendary The Office actor Craig Robinson aka Darryl Philbin.

Did Someone Try to Murder Craig Robinson? Video Aftermath of Active Shooter Suspect at Craig Robinson’s Comedy Zone Show is Scary

According to reports Craig Robinson was performing at a comedy event held at The Comedy Zone in Charlotte North Carolina when things turned very dangerous for everyone at the venue. According to police reports around 9pm a male entered the building brandishing a gun. It’s not clear what his intent was, but the eyewitnesses claim the active shooter told everyone to leave the building. Once people were evacuated the man began firing shots.

While all this was going on Craig Robinson was actually backstage in his green room when he was notified that there was an active shooter in the building. His team quickly rushed him to a ‘Big Time Rush’ concert that was going on close by. Some people think the active shooter wanted to kill Craig Robinson since he made everyone evacuate the building before firing shots.

The video aftermath of The Comedy Zone active shooter situation was documented as Craig Robinson was on IG detailing the scary ordeal.

In The Office Craig Robinson’s character Darryl was known as one of the funniest in the series.

The good news here is that the Comedy Zone active shooter has been arrested by police, and there were no injuries. It appears the shooter didn’t intend to hurt everybody, but was looking for specific target.

The question still remains if the Comedy Zone active shooter wanted to murder Craig Robinson? He should definitely think about having extra security at his next show just in case.

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