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Video: What is the Jailbroken PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit?

Jailbreaking is a term used to describe the process of modifying the software of an electronic device gain a pathway past the restrictions the manufacturer has put in place. Accomplishing this risky task allows a person to have full access to the root of the device’s software. Naturally it’s always a big deal when the first computer programmer manages to jailbreak a new device such as the PS5, and it seems that has already happened.

Jailbroken PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit Video Goes Viral

A video posted Twitter User Lance McDonald aka manfightdragon appears to show the secret menu options available after a PS5 was jailbroken successfully. According to reports the person in the video was able to jailbreak the PS5 using a kernel exploit, which affects certain kernels in an operating system to give direct access to the root, especially in a Linux operating system. Attempting this risky process in most cases voids all warranties related to the device, and in some rare cases can land people in legal trouble.

A jailbroken PS5 means that unauthorized software could be installed on it, which could include pirated games. This is why manufacturers try to their best to make their proprietary operating systems tough to modify in any unintended way. It was once thought that jailbreaking PS5 software might never happen, but apparently someone figured out how to do it, and posted a video as proof. In the footage it appears he even installed a game by using its package file. Take a look.

According to reports the Jailbroken PS5 was running on firmware 4.03. For most people this wouldn’t work anyway since there’s a 99% chance their software has already been updated past that old version of the firmware. Some reporters are saying that SpecterDev released the PS5 4.03 Kernel Exploit that made it all possible. It will be interesting to see how Sony responds to people figuring out how to dive completely into their software already.

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