Over the course of thousands of years dogs went from being wild animals to man’s best friend. Now most dogs interact with humans on a daily basis, and some don’t even know how to survive without us. The relationship they developed with humans may have also increased their intelligence, as they seem to understand even the most complex things we discuss with them. A video where a woman had a conversation with her dog about having unprotected intercourse with random dogs could be more proof of their higher understanding.

Dogpox? Woman Scolding Her Dog for Smashing Other Dogs at Park in Dogpox Monkeypox Rant Goes Viral

Monkeypox is one of the scariest viruses going around at the moment. According to WHO the disease is mostly spread intimate contact, more specifically through the rectal area. The disease has mostly affected people within the gay community, but anyone can catch the virus just by coming in contact with someone who is infected, or by touching a surface that has the virus on it. For example an IG model who caught Monkeypox detailed how quickly the virus damaged with her face with giant sores.

According to CDC Monkeypox can affect pets likes dogs and cats, and they can also spread the disease to human beings. In theory this means that even dogs need to refrain from having multiple intimate partners. This was conveyed in a viral TikTok video where TikToker ‘shaunathebarber’ scolded her dog from trying to smash random dogs at the park. During her conversation she warned her dog about ‘dogpox’ and monkeypox, and how easily they can spread by having intercourse with random partners. The funniest part about the video was how the dog seemed like he understood every word, but also didn’t care.

Judging from the look on the dog’s face it seems likely he’ll go back to the park, and still try to strong arm those other dogs into a love making session. Then he’ll have to listen to the same talk all over again, and listen intently like he’s going to change. It’s a doggone world sometimes.

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