Here is the Easiest Way to Cheat on Wordle and Win Every Time

The game Wordle has taken the world by storm since it was released back in October 2021. It’s a really simple game where you have six attempts to guess a five letter word. Each time you attempt a guess the game gives you feedback by using colored tiles to indicate what letters match the correct position in the mystery word. It’s like a mix of crossword puzzles and Wheel of Fortune all in one. When games like this go viral the big question people want to know is how can I cheat at this game? Well cheating at Wordle is easier than you might think.

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Details on the Easiest Way to Cheat on Wordle and Win Every Time

In school most of us hated having to read through dictionaries, but if you want to cheat at Wordle there’s a special dictionary source that can help. Ever since Wordle went viral there has been a rather interesting phenomenon going on at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website. This cheating strategy is most effective if you go to the website around 9 am.

To cheat at Wordle you need to access the homepage of Merriam Webster Dictionary’s website, and focus on the list of the most searched terms. You’ll notice that one of the top search terms is usually the answer to the Wordle puzzle for that specific day. Most of time that search term is the correct Wordle answer, but sometimes it might be off by one letter. The key is to focus on only the top search terms that have five letters.

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Details on the Easiest Way to Cheat on Wordle and Win Every Time using Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
Screenshot for Merriam Webster Dictionary Website

On the Merriam Webster Dictionary website the list of the most searched terms is titled “Top Lookups Right Now”. As example screenshot above is from February 19. You’ll notice the word “Tacit” is the number 1 trending search term, low and behold that was yesterday’s Wordle answer.

The biggest downside of cheating at a word game like this is that all the fun gets taken away. A game like Wordle has to be played the right way to fully experience why people find it so much fun to play. It’s the thinking and mystery involved that makes it such a simplistically great game; cheating takes both those great aspects away.

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With all that said if you want to cheat at Wordle the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website is probably the easiest way.

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