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$55,000 Per Year Dalton School Caught Teaching 1st Graders About Masturbation With Shocking Video

Parents in are irate after learning the New York based $55,000 per year Dalton School is teaching 1st grade students about masturbation with a shocking video. The educator accused of showing the inappropriate video to the 1st graders was teacher named Justine Ang Fonte, who was already under fire for a similar incident at another prep school.

When the angry parents confronted Dalton School officials they were allegedly told they were misinterpreting the video. The response was outrageous, because the video shows cartoon character kids talking about fondling themselves for pleasure with a grown up. Again this video was shown to kids that are 6 and 7 years of age, yet Dalton School continuously defends Justine Ang Fonte’s teaching techniques. One parent claimed that the more she complained the more defensive they would become.

For you to get better of idea of how crazy this situation take a look the video for yourself. Something like this seems more appropriate for high school students at least.

Part 2.

After the situation went viral on social media the the school director Dr. William Donohue conceded to the parents complaints by admitting misjudgment and apologized. He claims going forward they will create lessons that are in the best interest of the young students, while also aligning with public values.

Despite Dalton School admitting Justine Ang Fonte teaching 1st graders about masturbation was wrong, there still hasn’t been any reports of repercussions for the incident. Most people want her fired, but it seems unlikely to happen. One thing this shows as that Dalton School sticks by their employees through hell and high water.

Sounds like these parents paying $55,000 per year should have just sent their kids to public school. More money more problems though right?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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