Just a few days after Twitter banned Donald Trump, another media platform has joined in on the action. According to new reports YouTube banned Donald Trump’s channel for allegedly inciting violence. At the moment YouTube says Donald Trump’s ban is only 1 week, but also says it could be indefinite.

It’s not clear what video led to YouTube deciding to ban Donald Trump from it’s platform.

Ever since the Capitol Building Breach, many social media platforms have gone a banning spree to remove anyone who potentially supported or incited the event to happen. Amazon removed Parler, Twitter banned QAnon members, Facebook banned Donald Trump, and even a Deutsche Bank banned Trump from using it services.

Now Donald Trump won’t even be able to use YouTube anymore for the time being. After the Twitter ban, Donald Trump vowed to make his own platform to replace it, and now with YouTube banning Trump he might try to do the same thing. He definitely has the money to make something like that happen, but only time will tell.

Author: JordanThrilla

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