Police are searching for YFN Lucci who is wanted for murder and multiple other charges. According to reports an extensive investigation has led Police to accuse YFN Lucci of shooting James Adam in Southwest Atlanta.

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The shooting took place on December 10 where police found the 28 year old James Adam shot on Peoples Street. He was transported to Grady Hospital where he died from his injuries. According to reports investigators believe YFN Lucci shot James Adam in his head execution style.

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This story gets even crazier, read on below. However, first you should check out this video of YFN Lucci talking about the murder allegations before a warrant was issued for his arrest.


On this same day James Adams was shot dead, a second person named Kevin Wright was shot in the same area, but he survived. Police believe that shooting was related, but it’s not clear if YFN Lucci is being accused of shooting him too.

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At the moment FEDS have arrested 23 year-old Ra’von Boyd and 17-year-old Leroy Pitts, with YFN Lucci being the only suspect still at large.

The charges against YFN Lucci include aggravated assault, felony murder, and having a gun during the commission of a felony. Based on the charges YFN Lucci is facing more than 30 years in prison on the low end.

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It continues to be crazy times for rappers in Atlanta.

Author: JordanThrilla

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