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Here’s Why Charleston White Put a $20K Bounty on Shedeur Sanders Head in Shocking Video

Charleston White, a controversial activist and former gang member, has sparked outrage after he announced a $20,000 bounty on Shedeur Sanders, the son of NFL Hall of Famer and college football coach Deion Sanders. White made the shocking statement in a viral video, where he claimed he would pay $20,000 to the first college football player who injured Shedeur Sanders, who is a quarterback for Colorado State University.

Why Did Charleston White Put a $20K Bounty on Deion Sanders Son Shedeur?

White’s motive for targeting Shedeur Sanders seems to stem from his dissatisfaction with Deion Sanders’ decision to leave Jackson State University, a historically black university (HBCU), to become the head coach of Colorado State University, a predominantly white institution (PWI).

White accused Deion Sanders of betraying the black community and abandoning the HBCU that gave him a chance to coach. In the video, White said “F*** Deion, go Jackson State” and expressed his support for the rival team. Essentially Charleston White is calling Deion Sanders a sellout, and targeting his son as result.

White’s video has drawn widespread criticism and condemnation from social media users, who denounced his bounty as a violent and hateful act. Many people pointed out that Shedeur Sanders is only 21 years old and has nothing to do with his father’s career choices. Some also questioned the legality and morality of White’s offer, which could potentially endanger the safety and well-being of Shedeur Sanders and other college football players.

Will Deion Sanders Respond to Charleston White Threatening His Son Shedeur?

As of now, Deion Sanders has not publicly responded to White’s threat. However, considering he’s very tapped in to social media these days, it is likely that he is aware of the situation, and is already taking the necessary precautions to protect his son. Deion Sanders has also received support and encouragement from his fans and colleagues, who praised him for his achievements as a coach and a mentor.

White’s bounty on Shedeur Sanders is not the first time he has stirred controversy with his provocative statements. White has been known for his outspoken and controversial views on various social and political issues, such as police brutality, racism, gang violence, and black history.

He has also been involved in several feuds and conflicts with other public figures, such as rappers, athletes, and activists. White has claimed that he uses his platform to speak the truth and challenge the status quo, but many have criticized him for being divisive, disrespectful, and ignorant.

Calling Deion Sanders a sellout is one thing, but putting a bounty on his son Shedeur just goes way too far. To a college player who knows they aren’t going to the NFL, that $20K looks like a lot of money. Just look at what happened to Travis Hunter, no imagine another player who is motivated by Charleston White’s offer.

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