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What is the Barbell Booty Check? Women Playing Barbell Butt Measurement Challenge Game in Gym Goes Viral

A video of a women sports team playing a game with a barbell has gone viral on the internet, sparking laughter and curiosity among the viewers. The video shows the female athletes lying face down on the floor, while another person rolls a barbell with two plates over their body, starting from their feet.

What is Purpose of the Rolling Barbell Butt Test?

The game seems to be a test of how big their butts are, as the barbell cannot roll past the women who have curvy butts, but it easily rolls past the women who have flat butts. In fact some people call the technique the “Barbell Booty Check”.

The video has been shared widely on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, where it has received millions of views and thousands of comments.

Many people have found the video hilarious and amusing, while others have expressed admiration and envy for the women’s physique. Some have also wondered what kind of sport the women play, and what team they belong to, as these details are not revealed in the video.

Would you be able to pass the Barbell butt measurement challenge?

Using a barbell can help sculpt a high, toned butt by strengthening the gluteal muscles. The glutes are one of the largest and most powerful muscle groups in the body, and they are involved in many movements, such as squatting, jumping, running, and snatching.

A strong and well-developed butt can also improve posture, balance, stability, and performance in sports and daily activities. What better way to measure your butt size than to use the weight lifting equipment that can make it bigger. That’s the essence of the “barbell booty check”.

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