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Did New York City Effectively Ban AirBnbs? Why Rental Companies are Saying They Did

New York City has implemented a new law that severely limits the options for short-term rentals in the city, drawing criticism from Airbnb and its hosts. The law, known as Local Law 18, went into effect on Tuesday and requires all hosts to register with the city and only allows them to rent out their primary residence when they are also staying there. Additionally, the law caps the number of guests at two per rental.

Why Did New York City Enforce Local Law 18 on AirBnbs?

The law allegedly aims to prevent illegal hotels and protect affordable housing in the city, according to city officials. They say they have received thousands of complaints about disruptive and unsafe short-term rentals that violate the existing laws and rules. The law also gives the city more power to enforce the regulations and penalize the platforms that list unregistered rentals.

New York City banned Airbnb detail

Can Local Law 18 Be Considered New York City Banning AirBnbs?

Airbnb and other platforms such as Vrbo and Booking.com argue that the law is too restrictive, and effectively bans most of their business in the city. They say the law hurts the tourism economy and deprives hosts of a vital source of income, especially during the pandemic. Airbnb claims that the law is unconstitutional, and violates the privacy rights of its users.

Airbnb tried to challenge the law in court, but a judge dismissed its lawsuit in August, saying that the law was reasonable and justified by the public interest. Airbnb did not say if it would appeal the ruling. Meanwhile, some hosts are lobbying the city to amend the law and allow more flexibility for short-term rentals.

The new law is expected to have a significant impact on the short-term rental market in New York City, which is one of the largest and most popular destinations in the world. According to Airbnb’s website, there are over 50,000 listings in New York City, ranging from private rooms to entire apartments. The average price per night is $157. Under the new law, many of these listings will no longer be available or legal.

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