Donald Trump getting curved by women became commonplace during his presidency, due to his wife Melania seemingly refusing to hold hands with him at certain times. However, the world had never seen another woman try to ignore his embrace over the past few yeas. That all possibly changed today due to a viral interaction between Riley Gaines and Donald Trump during a press conference.

Did Swimmer Riley Gaines Curve Donald Trump’s Kiss On Stage at CPAC?

Recently Riley Gaines was a guest at the Conservative Political Action Conference to talk more about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. Riley has been one of the most outspoken female athletes condemning laws that enable transgender women to compete with cisgender woman. She believes it is scientifically unfair to put women who are biologically male in competitions against women who are cisgender meaning biologically female.

Her controversial take on Lia Thomas’ situation is not what stole the headlines, but rather her strange interaction with Donald Trump who introduced her to the large crowd. As she was walking to the stage it appeared Donald Trump tried to kiss Riley Gaines, but failed. As you’ll see in the footage below it seems like Riley Gaines avoided Donald Trump’s kiss in a subtle manner, but still hugged him. The moment instantly went viral on social media as millions assumed Riley Gaines curved Donald Trump’s kiss on live tv. Take a look, and you be the judge.

Riley Gaines is probably a Trump Supporter, so she likely doesn’t have anything against him. However, most young women probably wouldn’t want a man that’s almost 80 years old kissing them. It would be interesting to hear Melania’s take on all the commotion surrounding this video.

Do you think Riley Gaines curved Donald Trump’s kiss, or are people looking too much into her subtle movements?

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