Pastor Reads Explicit 'It's Perfectly Normal' Kids Book Found in Library During School Board Meeting

In a recent school board meeting allegedly in Asheville, North Carolina, a pastor confronted the officials over a book that he claimed was “perverted”. The book, titled “It’s Perfectly Normal”, claims to be an intimate education resource for children 10 and older. However, many parents and educators have expressed their concerns and objections to the book’s explicit and graphic content, which includes details descriptions of naked people, intimate acts, masturbation, abortion, same gender relationships, and transgenderism.

What Happened When a Pastor Read a Passage from the Book “It’s Perfectly Normal” During a School Board Meeting?

The outraged pastor argued that the book was inappropriate for children and that it glorified masturbation while speaking against religion. He also said that the book was used as a tool to create “mental rape” in the hearts and minds of children.

The pastor tried to read some passages from the book to the school board members, but he was interrupted and asked to stop. He then questioned why the book was suitable for children, but not for a school board meeting. He accused the board of being “woke” and of celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion at the expense of morality and innocence. He demanded that parents “storm the cockpit”, and stop the alleged far-left gender ideology from dominating the schools.

The school board did not respond directly to the pastor’s concerns, but referred him to the district’s policy and procedures for requesting the removal of a school library book. According to the policy, library books and other instructional materials may only be removed for legitimate educational reasons. The policy also states that parents have the right to review any materials used in their children’s education and to request alternative materials if they find them objectionable.

Details About the History of the Controversial “It’s Perfectly Normal”

“It’s Perfectly Normal” is not a new book. It was first published in 1994, and has been updated several times since then. It has been praised by many educators, health professionals, and parents as a comprehensive and accurate source of information for young people. It has also been criticized by some conservative groups and individuals as being too graphic, explicit, and biased. The book is available in school libraries in several states, including North Carolina, Maine, and New York.

The controversy over “It’s Perfectly Normal” is part of a larger debate over how to teach children about intimate education and gender identity. Some parents and activists argue that schools should respect the diversity of students and families and provide inclusive and affirming curricula that cover a range of topics and perspectives. Others contend that schools should adhere to traditional values and norms and avoid exposing children to materials that they consider harmful or immoral.

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