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Black Substitute Teacher Beats Up White Student For Calling Him the N Word Racial Slur in Viral Video

The recent chaotic incident at a high school in a small town made national headlines due to the racial slur that was used, and how the instructor reacted. The incident took place between a black substitute teacher and a white student, with the student calling the teacher the N-word racial slur. The video of the incident quickly went viral, sparking outrage and support across the country.

More Details About the Black Substitute Teacher Fighting a White Student Who Called Him the N Word Racial Slur

The video showed the teacher, who allegedly has been identified as Mr. Jones, physically assaulting the student after the student called him the N-word racial slur. The video showed the teacher throwing the student to the ground, standing over him, then pushing him out the classroom. The teacher said, “Get the F*** out my class” as he tossed him out the door like Uncle Phil does Jazz in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air show. This was a very lopsided fight as you’ll see, but the student was the one talking tough.

The reactions to this situation have been very mixed on social media. Some people feel that the substitute teacher should have had better self control, and called security to escort the student out the classroom. Others feel the substitute teacher’s actions were justified, because as you’ll see the student pushed him first along with using the racial slur.

There is a general consensus that belief that the teacher will likely be fired just for the fact that he put hands on a student. In most cases schools have to take action against that, even if the physical altercation was warranted in a moral sense. As such, some people feel that baiting the teacher into getting himself fired was the goal of the student.

That kid really got the Jazz treatment.

Recent reports state the incident is being investigated by local authorities, as well as an internal investigation being conducted by the school district.

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