The controversial “Bolt 45” In Living Color sketch Fox allegedly tried to hide has leaked. The unbelievable sketch seems to clearly promote date rape. It’s not clear how an idea like that was even passed along back then, and recorded to be aired on live TV as comedy. It was meant to parody Billy Dee Williams’ Colt 45 commercials.

In the sketch a man on a date gives a woman some “Bolt 45” to drink, which he says has 5 times the amount of alcohol as a normal can of beer. As the woman drinks more and more of the Bolt 45, she becomes very drunk and passes out. At this point the man in the sketch forcibly puts her on the table then spreads her legs while she is still passed out. That’s were the terrible scene ends.

If that “Bolt 45” In Living Color sketch was aired on TV in this day age social media would have had a field day with it. It would probably would have led to the show being cancelled.

It’s no surprise people allege Fox tried to keep the existence of this scene hidden.

Author: JordanThrilla

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