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Black Man Who Spent $30K on White Female Inmate Gets Curved on Her First Day Out of Prison

A black man who spent $30K on a white female inmate got curved on her first day out prison, and it happened on live TV during “Love After Lockup”. The man had plans to spend the rest of his life with this female inmate, move her into his home, and make love, but he quickly learned he was being used the whole time.

It all started perfect has he waited for her outside the jail, and gave her long kiss to welcome her back into the free the world. However, when they got inside the car things quickly took a sour note. It first began when she said he wouldn’t let him smash despite the fact she claimed to have been abstinent for 4 years. Then she said she would send him explicit selfies, which indicated she wasn’t planning to be around him. To make things worse she refused to go to his house despite the fact she led him on to believe she would move in with him when she was out of prison.

The most heartbreaking blow was when female inmate he spent $30K on wouldn’t even let him meet her mom, which was a sure fire sign she had no plans for a future with him. The situation came to crashing halt when she was seen texting another man, and said she has a lot of life left to live.

Take a look at this man getting played by a female inmate he spent $30K on.

The emotional pain that man was feeling when he was trying to convince himself that she just wanted to take things slow was felt by men across the world. A man spending $30K on a female inmate only to get played on Live TV when she was finally out of prison is just too painful to imagine.

This guy should have listened to his family when they warned him not to put all his eggs in one basket. Now he’s out of $30K, and the woman he loves is going to be getting smashed by another guy who spent no money her. It’s a cold cold world where the nice guys really do finish last sometimes.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff