Pleasant Hope Baptist Church Sha’carri Richardson Sign Goes Viral

With news of the Sha’carri Richardson’s marijuana suspension people around the United States have been showing support for her. Words of wisdom have come from NBA players, politicians, actors, and now even churches. As example Pleasant Hope Baptist Church’s Sha’carri Richardson sign is going viral.

In front of the small church is a sign that says, “Sha’carri Richardson you are still that girl. Legalize”. The support she received from a religious institution is historical for more reasons than one. Firstly there is evidence that Sha’carri Richardson is gay, which Churches are usually against publicly supporting. Secondly they are making a political statement by saying to legalize marijuana, which you also don’t see a church do often.

Pleasant Hope Baptist Church Sha’carri Richardson Sign Goes Viral

Due to testing positive for marijuana use Sha’carri Richardson will have to serve a 30 day suspension. Given that the Tokyo Olympics start on July 23, it seriously puts her ability to participate in jeopardy. What makes the situation so controversial is that she lives in Oregon where weed is legal. Essentially it’s like she got suspended for drinking alcohol in theory.

Even with the outpouring of the support coming from all different angles it’s highly unlikely the suspension will be lifted. You live and you learn though.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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