Demar Derozan with his father. Demar Derozan's father dead.

Prayers up for a Spurs superstar. News just broke that Demar Derozan’s father is dead. The news came by way of his Instagram as Demar Derozan reacted to his father’s death by leaving a heartbreaking message.

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In that message he thanked his father for never missing a practice, game, or opprtunity to show him he was a great parent. He didn’t disclose what caused him to pass away, but he did say his dad was battling some type of ailment for the past 3 years.

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A message Demar Derozan wrote about his father's death. Demar Derzoan father dead. Demar Derozan reacts to his father's dying

Demar Derozan is having a strong season averaging 19, 5, and 7, but an unfortunate event like this could really derail him, which would be completely understandable. Losing a parent is one of most people’s worst fears.

RIP to Demar Derozan’s dad. This is so sad.

Author: JordanThrilla

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