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Did Erling Haaland Do the Greatest Soccer Trick Ever? Erling Haaland Soccer Trick Target Practice Goes Viral

Erling Haaland is going viral after pulling off a seemingly impossible feat. In one video he somehow accomplished pulling off three tasks that would be impossible for 99% of Earth’s population.

Erling Haaland’s Soccer Trick Target Practice Trends

In a viral video Erling Haaland balances three soccer balls on top of each other, then managed to kick the top two balls off the tower without making it topple over. In addition he was hitting a target set up in the upper left corner of the goal, which is one of the hardest angels to aim towards.

Not only did Erling Haaland hit the target each time, when a small piece was left he was able to strike that as well. He was able to pull that off without knocking over the tower made of soccer balls, which requires precision, power, concentration, balance, and artistic ability. The way the Erling Haaland balanced three soccer balls on top of each other almost looked like magic. It was so incredible it almost looked fake.

Fabrizio Romano reacted to Erling Haaland’s soccer trick target practice by insinuating that he might be a robot.

Videos like that remind you why the professional athletes are professionals. Erling Haaland has unreal, almost machine like talent.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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