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Did Conor McGregor Accidently Knockout the Miami Heat Mascot?

The NBA Finals are always full of drama and excitement, but this year’s Game 4 between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets had an unexpected twist. During the halftime show, former UFC champion Conor McGregor made a surprise appearance to promote his pain-relief spray.

Was Miami Heat Mascot Knocked Out by Conor McGregor?

He was supposed to have a friendly sparring session with the Heat’s mascot, Burnie, who was dressed in boxing gear. However, things went horribly wrong when McGregor landed two powerful punches on Burnie’s head, seemingly knocking him out cold.

The crowd at the Kaseya Center seemed stunned as they watched Burnie collapse on the floor, then began to boo loudly. McGregor then tried to spray him with his product, but it was too late. The mascot was motionless, and had to be dragged off the court by his fellow performers.

Was this a genuine accident, or a staged stunt? Some fans believe that McGregor went too far with his punches, and did not realize that Burnie could feel them through his costume. They point out that McGregor has a history of erratic behavior, and has not fought in the UFC since 2021 due to a leg injury, which could be make him moody. Take look at how it went down, and listen to the crowd’s reaction.

Some rumors allege that Heat’s mascot was put in concussion protocol.

McGregor connected flush with the side of his head.

Was this all part of the show, and Burnie was acting? McGregor is a master of publicity, and knows how to create controversy. In addition Burnie is a professional entertainer, and has been involved in many pranks and skits before. Maybe Burnie was wearing protective gear under his costume, and exaggerated his fall to make it look more dramatic, or maybe he did really get knocked out.

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