Here is Who Made the 'Suns In 4 Guy' Action Figure of Suns Fan Who Beat Up Nuggets Fan During Game 4

A man who went viral for defending himself during an NBA game has turned into a superstar overnight. After getting a signed Devin Booker jersey a few days ago, a new “Suns in 4” action figure of the Suns fan who beat up a Nuggets fan during game 4 has emerged. The “Suns in 4” action figure was made by a man known on social media as “hands of doom”. The good thing about this is that parents can buy it for their kids, because it’s rated “Ages 4 and up” on the packaging.

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Take a look at the Hands of Doom “Suns in 4 Guy” action figure.

Here is Who Made the 'Suns In 4 Guy' Action Figure of Suns Fan Who Beat Up Nuggets Fan During Game 4

The Suns fan’s journey to becoming an action figure all started when a Nuggets fan attempted to sucker punch him. The Suns fan retaliated by grabbing the Nuggets fan chain, and holding him down while punching him into submission. After starting the fight the Nuggets was the one who left the arena feeling embarrassed.

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Devin Booker caught wind of the situation, and asked the world for the Suns fan’s information. He posted a picture of him making “Suns in 4” sign to the Nuggets fans before beating him up. When he got the information he sent the man an autographed jersey.

People Accuse Devin Booker Of Glorifying Fighting in Stands After He Pays Homage to Suns Fan Who Beat Up Nuggets Fan During Game 4

A few hours after the altercation happened the Nuggets fan posted a video trying to trick people into believing he won. Little did he know that Devin Booker had drawn millions of views to the footage showing how he got beat up after starting the fight. Now there is also a Suns fan action figure made in honor of the beat down he got.

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So many L’s for that Nuggets fan, and so many W’s for the Suns fan.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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