Drunk Klay Thompson on Boat Yacht While Riding By Chase Center Declaring Warriors Champions is Priceless

Klay Thompson is living his best life as he continues to get ready for the upcoming. In today’s part of his offseason training regimen Klay Thompson was drunk on boat while driving by Chase Center. Like a true captain it was jus him, his Yacht, and his dog Rocco.

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Of the many random thoughts he revealed during his cruise on the water, what stood out most was his declaration that Warriors would be champions next season. He sounded a lot more confident about that than Steph Curry did, but was it the alcohol talking?

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Klay Thompson drunk on a Yacht brings back memories of how wasted he was after Warriors 2015 championship. If this is foretelling their future it means Warriors might really be back next season.

On side note remember that drinking and driving any type of vehicle whether land, air, or water generally isn’t safe.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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