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4 Reasons Why Francis Ngannou Can Beat Deontay Wilder Based on His Performance in Possibly Fixed Fight vs Tyson Fury

In the electrifying world of combat sports, clashes between titans capture our collective imagination. The prospect of Francis Ngannou stepping into the boxing ring against Deontay Wilder is one such tantalizing scenario. With many feeling like Ngannou got cheated out a win in his incredible performance against Tyson Fury in a fight that was possibly fixed for him to lose, discussions have been ignited. Here are four compelling reasons why he could emerge victorious against the hard-hitting Wilder if that were to be his next fight.


In the high-stakes world of boxing, stamina can be the difference between victory and defeat. Francis Ngannou, known for his explosive power in the UFC octagon, demonstrated remarkable endurance during his bout with Tyson Fury. Despite the grueling pace, Ngannou never appeared overly fatigued. His ability to maintain intensity throughout the fight suggests that he could go the distance in a 10 or 12-round boxing match.

Deontay Wilder, on the other hand, has faced stamina challenges. In his encounters with Fury, Wilder’s energy waned as the rounds progressed. His reliance on knockout power early in fights left him vulnerable when the contest extended beyond a few rounds. Ngannou’s consistent output could exploit this weakness, and keep Wilder on his toes throughout the match.

Strong Chin

Ngannou’s granite chin is a testament to his resilience. Against Tyson Fury, he absorbed few punishing blows without flinching. Whether it was Fury’s thunderous hooks or straight rights, Ngannou stood firm. He also showed the his chin was made of steel during his UFC days as well. His ability to take punches and remain composed sets him apart from Wilder.

In contrast, Wilder’s chin has been a point of concern. In previous bouts, he has been rocked by opponents who found their mark. The vulnerability of his chin leaves him susceptible to Ngannou’s power shots. If Ngannou can weather Wilder’s initial assault, he may find opportunities to exploit this weakness.

Style of Punch

Ngannou possesses an intriguing advantage in his punching style. Unlike Wilder, who often winds up for power shots, Ngannou generates tremendous force without telegraphing his intentions. His short left hook that dropped Tyson Fury exemplified this efficiency. By relying on compact yet explosive punches, Ngannou catches opponents off guard.

Wilder’s windup is well-known—a telltale sign that he’s about to unleash a devastating blow. While effective when it lands, it also gives opponents time to react and adjust their defense. Ngannou’s more compact punches could disrupt Wilder’s rhythm, and prevent him from finding his range. Think back to the Wilder’s first fight vs Luis Ortiz, and imagine if Ortiz had Ngannou’s punching power.

Additionally, consider their lower body mechanics: Ngannou’s thick legs versus Wilder’s slender ones. The force behind their punches may be fundamentally different due to these contrasting leg structures.