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NBA Commentator Saying ‘D*** on the Baseline’ During Raptors vs Cavaliers Summer League 2023 Game Goes Viral

The NBA 2k24 NBA Summer League is a showcase of young and emerging talent, but sometimes it also produces some unexpected and hilarious moments. One such moment occurred during the Raptors vs Cavaliers game on July 9, when a commentator uttered a phrase that quickly became a viral sensation on social media.

The Player the Viral Phrase

The phrase in question was “Dick, on the Baseline”, and it referred to a player named Gradey Dick, who is on the Raptors Summer League roster wearing the #1 jersey. Gradey Dick played college basketball at Kansas, and was drafted 13th overall in 2023 NBA draft.

He has been showing in Summer League that he definitely has the tools to help in areas Raptors are lacking with all the roster changes.

What Does the Name “Dick” Mean?

His last name, however, is a word that most people would avoid using in public, because of its connotation. However, as a surname, it is quite common and has a long history. According to Ancestry.com, the name “Dick” is derived from the personal name Richard, which means “powerful ruler”.

The name was popularized by the Normans who invaded England in 1066 and introduced many French names. The name Richard was often shortened to Rick or Dick, and became a common nickname or surname.

How the Phrase Went Viral

During the game, Gradey Dick was taking a jump shot near the baseline when the commentator said “Dick, on the Baseline”. The commentator was simply describing the action on the court, but the phrase sounded hilarious when taken out of context.

Many fans who were watching the game online or on TV caught the phrase, and shared it on Twitter where it quickly went viral.

This situation is just one example of how a simple comment can spark a viral sensation, and create a unintentional memorable moment in basketball history.

It’s highly possible the social media jokes about his name will be an ongoing trend during each Raptors game this season. Hopefully people aren’t trying to disrespect him, but are rather just truly appreciating an out of context comedic element.

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