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Luka Doncic Illuminati Conspiracy Theory Goes Viral After Mavericks vs Suns Game 4

Is Luka Doncic in the Illuminati? With the playoffs going on you would think all the talk would be about his impressive performances against a Suns team most people thought would win the series in a sweep. Rather the series is tied 2-2, and Suns have had no answer on how to stop him. However, people are now noticing something strange about Luka Doncic that may prove he is connected with the Illuminati.

Details Behind the Luka Doncic Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

When Luka Doncic came into the NBA a few years ago he had no visible tattoos on his body. Within 1 year of being in America Luka Doncic got tatted up, and now has a half sleeve on his arm. If you look closely you’ll notice there is an ‘Eye of Providence’ Illuminati tattoo on Luka Doncic that’s mixed in with all the artwork on his half sleeve. Could that be proof that Luka Doncic is in the Illuminati now? First take a look at his postgame interview after Mavericks dominated Suns in Game 4.

Here’s is a closer look at the ‘Eye of Providence’ Illuminati tattoo on Luka Doncic’s arm.

The illuminati symbol on Luka Doncic’s arm is seen many places around the world, which shows how deeply ingrained in society they may be. For example the ‘Eye of Providence’ is on US money.

Even in Turkey you can see the Illuminati symbol on churches such as the Bulgarian St. Stephen Church located in Balat.

Bulgarian St. Stephen Church in Balat Turkey

If the Illuminati owns Luka Doncic’s soul it would explain why he has been so successful in the NBA. The myth is that people who join the Illuminati exchange their souls for the promise of riches, fame, and success in whatever they are trying to do. It’s no surprise that Luka Doncic’s $207 Million contract is the largest guaranteed rookie extension in NBA history.

Hopefully this helps you better understand Luka Doncic Illuminati conspiracy theory.