Kendrick Lamar doesn’t release music often, so when he does it’s always basically like a national holiday. He is the epitome of the saying ‘quality over quantity’. Recently he released ‘The Heart Part 5’, and along with the deep lyrics the visuals in the video have taken social media by storm.

Kendrick Lamar Transforming into Nipsey Hussle in ‘The Heart Part 5’ Lyrics and Video Goes Viral

‘The Heat Part 5’ really sounded like Kendrick Lamar having a heart to heart with himself, and allowing us as fans to get a sneak peak into the depths of his complex mind. During the video Kendrick Lamar’s face transformed into many well known celebrities including people like Will Smith, Kanye West, Kobe Bryant, and more. However, what stood out most was when Kendrick Lamar’s face turned into Nipsey Hussle’s face.

During that moment of the video Kendrick Lamar’s ‘The Heart Part 5’ lyrics started sound like it was actually Nipsey Hussle speaking from beyond the grave. Kendrick talked about the shooting from Nipsey’s point of view. He told people what it was like looking into the eyes of Eric Holder as he pulled the trigger. He talked about fans keeping his legacy alive through his music. In addition also talked about understanding the pain the shooter was going through when he decided to murder Nipsey Hussle. You should watch the whole video, but skip to around the 4 minute mark to see his verse regarding Nipsey Hussle.

Even after all these years Nipsey Hussle’s death still manages to be something that just hits you emotionally every time you think about it.

Seeing Kendrick Lamar as Nipsey Hussle in ‘The Heart Part 5’ lyrics and videos really had us fighting back tears. It’s easy to see K-Dot is about to drop another classic album that will stand the test of time.

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