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Nicky “Sista Pun” Rodriguez Rants About Big Bun Plaza and Calls Out People Who Didn’t Show Up

Big Pun’s sister is not happy about what transpired during Big Pun Plaza. In Nicky “Sista Pun” Rodriguez’s rant about Big Pun Plaza she called out the people that didn’t show up, but were supposed to be “family” to her brother. She made it clear she was talking to the people who were able to attend, and also had advance notice of when the event would take place.

Who Didn’t Show Up To Big Pun Plaza?

Some of the names floating around that didn’t show up are Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Jennifer Lopez, Tony Sunshine, Prospect, and NORE. These were all people that were “close” to Big Pun when he was alive. Most shocking is that Fat Joe didn’t attend, and he was basically like Big Pun’s brother.


The video was tough to watch, because you could hear the emotional pain in Nicky “Sista Pun” Rodriguez’s voice. She was holding back tears the whole video it seemed.

When he was alive Big Pun did so much for the people that didn’t show up to Big Pun Plaza, and treated them like family. You would think they would have the respect to show up to an event honoring him. However, it seems they all show their true colors. A tragic situation.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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