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Did ASAP Rocky Shoot ASAP Relli in Hollywood? Details on Why A$AP Relli Wants to Sue A$AP Rocky

ASAP Rocky is trending nationwide after a former member of A$AP Mob came forward with shocking information about an incident that happened about 1 year ago. That incident was an alleged shooting that happened in November of 2021, but up until now details about the victim weren’t widely known.

Did A$AP Rocky Shoot A$AP Relli? Details on Why ASAP Relli Wants to Sue ASAP Rocky

According to reports from Rolling Stone it has been officially confirmed ASAP Rocky shot ASAP Relli back in 2021 allegedly. In April of this year A$AP Rocky was arrested in connection with the ongoing case, but he still has managed to avoid charges. According to reports on the investigation it’s alleged that ASAP Rocky tricked ASAP Relli into meeting him at a hidden location in Hollywood thinking they were going to have a simple discussion about some matters they disagreed on.

However, what he would allegedly learn was that A$AP Rocky intended to do him bodily harm. According to a statement from ASAP Relli’s lawyers, after arriving at the location he realized that ASAP Rocky had come with a gun. One thing led to another, and at some point A$AP Rocky opened fire on A$AP Relli allegedly. Now almost one year later ASAP Relli is taking action to recoup financial losses the situation caused, and it seems he may have strong case all things considered.

ASAP Relli plans to sue ASAP Rocky on grounds that the shooting caused unfixable damage to his music career. He has hired well renowned lawyers Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz to help him win the long legal battle ahead. While it hasn’t been stated how much he will pursue with the lawsuit it’s safe to say he’ll be looking for millions of dollars.

The big question is here is why would ASAP Rocky shoot his friend and fellow group member? Whatever they were arguing about it must have been very personal.

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