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Why Did Blueface Fight Chrisean Rock? Blueface Knocking Out Chrisean Rock During Scuffle on Hollywood Boulevard Goes Viral

If there is one rapper that stays trending for the most unfathomable reasons it has to be Blueface. That trend continued today when video surfaced of an altercation he had with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock. What happened in the strange footage has left social media baffled and worried.

Why Did Blueface Knockout Chrisean Rock? Blueface Fighting Chrisean Rock on Hollywood Boulevard Goes Viral

As you may or may not Chrisean Rock is seemingly stronger than the average woman as evidenced by the viral video where she threw a bowling bowl like it weighed nothing. However, Blueface isn’t a small guy in terms of height standing at 6 feet 3 inches. Based on the footage of Blueface fighting Chrisean Rock, it seems he wasn’t the aggressor in the situation, and may have been only defending himself. However, it’s clear the footage doesn’t tell the whole story.

As you’ll hear in the video below the person recording seems to be saying that Chrisean Rock started hitting Blueface for seemingly no reason. Blueface seemed to be trying to walk away saying things like ‘let me go’, but Chrisean kept coming after him. At one point it looked like Blueface knocked out Chrisean Rock momentarily with a haymaker punch that caused both of them to fall to the ground in a heap. They both got up after a brief moment, and the altercation continued. It was easy to see something had her very angry. Chrisean Rock broke Blueface’s chain in the process of trying to beat him up.

Not too long ago Chrisean Rock went viral for showing off her superhuman strength at a Bowling Alley, so that’s probably why she had no fear of squaring up with Blueface who has proven he’s a decent boxer. Thankfully Blueface showed some restraint when he held himself back from pummeling her on the ground.

All in all this isn’t a good look for either of them, but it seem obvious they were probably both drunk. The question still remains what caused the fight to happen in the first place?

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